Boarders’ Christmas Party

The final weekend of the term has been action-packed and full of fun. On Saturday night there was the boarders’ Christmas supper and party.   The boys were entertained by an amazing Elstree old boy – The Great Baldini – who performed magic tricks for the boys during supper, followed by a full performance on the stage in the McMullen Hall.  The kitchens produced a delicious meal and the dining room was beautifully decorated by Mrs. Hepburn, the matrons and some of the House team.

After breakfast the Hepburn family went round to judge the dorm Christmas decorations during which lots of the dorms played carols on their instruments and sang to us.  Wellington and Nelson dorms were the winners in Coopers, and Falmouth took the spoils in Sanderson’s.

After the dorm judging everyone went to church and Mr Prichard gave the sermon, after which the boys had free time until lunch. Some went to play laser tag in Plantation while others played in the sports hall.  After lunch there was a trip to Newbury for some Christmas shopping and to buy some tuck – always a winner!