Autumn Concert

The Autumn Concert is always exciting – it gives us the opportunity to hear the newly reformed groups for the first time in the new academic year and is full of promise and hope.  This one also had some other firsts in it: the first time we have been treated to a double bass solo (executed beautifully  by Rohan); the first time we have had a Junior String Trio and a  String Quartet perform; and the first time the entire audience has had to evacuate the hall due to the fire alarm going off near the end of the Jazz Band’s Tequila! (at least as Peter pointed out, it was in the right key!)

These plus the other memorable performances made for a very entertaining concert.  The boys concentrated admirably and performed with aplomb. I personally love the looks of concentration on boy’s faces, the way they pull things out of the bag right at the last minute (!) and the fact that – because music is live, it is always so exciting – you just never know what is going to happen!

Being the last concert out of a run of six this term I would like to say “Well done boys” for a great musical start to this year.