Elstree School has many policies which are regularly reviewed. The main policy documents can be found below.  You are welcome to contact the school office on office@elstreeschool.org.uk for hard copies of these and any other policies. 

COVID-19  Safeguarding Policy
COVID-19 Remote Learning Policy Privacy Policy
COVID-19 Risk Assessment for Re-opening Schools Policy
Elstree School Contingency Plan and Risk Assessment

Able and Talented Policy
Admissions Policy
Acceptable Use Policy For ICT
Anti-Bullying Policy
Guardianship Policy
Curriculum Policy
Able and Talented Policy
Learning and Teaching Policy
Safeguarding and Prevent Policy
I.T. Policy
Anti-bullying Policy
Cyber Bullying Policy
Fees Policy
Fire Risk Prevention Policy
SEN & EAL Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Complaints Policy
Number of complaints received in the 2020-21  academic year: 0
Recruitment, Selection and Disclosures Policy and Procedures Policy 
Risk Assessment Policy
Pre-prep Arrangements For Supervision During The School Day
Pastoral Care Policy
Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy
Privacy Notice Policy
First Aid Policy
Supervision Policy
Taking, Storing and Using Images of Children Policy
Missing Child Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy and Statement
Accessibility Policy
Parent Handbook
Elstree Pre-Prep Staff Handbook
Elstree Pre-Prep Parent’s Handbook

Principal contacts with regards to Elstree School policies are:
Chair of Governors, please write to the:
Clerk to the Governors, c/o Elstree School, Woolhampton, Berkshire RG7 5TD; Email: clerktothegovernors@elstreeschool.org.uk
Headmaster: Mr Sid Inglis, Elstree School, Woolhampton, Berkshire RG7 5TD; Email: headmaster@elstreeschool.org.uk


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