Registration Fee and Deposit

    • Registration Fee (non-refundable)                                    £110.00
    • Deposit                                                                                          £800.00

The Deposit is non-refundable if your child does not take up his/her place at the School. The Deposit will form part of the general funds of the School until it is credited without interest to the final payment of fees or other sums due to the School on your child’s leaving.

School Fees
Nursery and Pre-Prep Department at Home Farm  
Nursery                                                     £400.00 per term for one session a week
Reception, Years 1 and 2              £3950.00 per term
Elstree currently participates in the Free Entitlement of Early Education Scheme and will make due application if your child qualifies by age. This may be phased out at any time, but parents will be given due notice.

Years 3-8 – Day Pupil Fees
Year 3 Day Pupils                                     £6050.00 per term
Year 4 – 5 Day Pupils                             £6980.00 per term
Year 6-8 Day Pupils                                £7250.00 per term

Boarding Fees           
We offer Flexi-boarding (1-4 nights per week), Weekly Boarding (5 nights per week) and Full Boarding (7 nights per week – Full boarders are permitted to return home after games on a Saturday or they can stay for the weekend). Boarding fees are charged in advance for the term using the sliding scale in the table below. Boarders may stay for additional nights by arrangement. 

Number of Nights per week

Boarding Cost Per Term

1 night


2 nights


3 nights


4 nights


Weekly Boarding
(5 nights)


Full Boarding


Optional Extras
Individual Music Tuition         £260.00 per term (10x35mins)
Learning Support                      £39.00 per lesson for Years 3-8: £ 33.00 for Reception, Years 1 and 2.


      1. The Fees will be reviewed by the Governors from time to time and may be increased by such amount as they consider reasonable. The School shall endeavour to give at least a term’s notice of any increase in the fees due for a particular term.
      2.  School fee accounts become due on, and must be paid by, the first day of each term. Interest on outstanding accounts will be charged at the rate of 2% per month from the first day of term.
      3.  Fees should be paid by direct transfer to: IBAN   GB36 BARC 2059 2230 3541 04       SWIFTBIC BARCGB22
      4.  Barclays Bank Plc; Account name: Elstree School Clients Premium Account; Sort Code: 20-59-22; Account Number: 30354104
      5. A term’s notice in writing is required if a child is to be withdrawn from the School (other than at the normal leaving date) or, the child is to be withdrawn from an activity charged as a supplemental or, the child’s place at the School is to be changed from a boarding to a day place. In cases where notice is not given, the appropriate sum in lieu of notice will become due and owing to the School as a debt on the first day of the term which would have been the final term of provision if a term’s notice had been given.
      6.  The Headmaster may, at his discretion, require you to remove your child from the School if he considers that your child’s attendance, progress or behaviour is seriously unsatisfactory and in the reasonable opinion of the Headmaster, the removal is in the School’s best interests or those of your child or other children.
      7.  The Governors of Elstree School are committed to broadening access to the school by offering eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support with payment of school fees in the form of Bursaries. Awards made depend on the financial, compassionate or other pertinent circumstances of applicants. For a copy of the Bursary Policy, please email registrar@elstreeschool.org.uk

 For printable pdf version of fees please see below:
Schedule of Fees 2020-2021






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