Year 7 Art Tip to Victoria and Albert Museum

On Monday, 26th January, Year 7 went to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

After our drink and snack we were ready to explore the vast museum in groups.  I loved the glass section, which had many shapes and structures such as the glass pillars, glass bannister etc.  The section I found the most interesting was the jewellery rooms:  there were necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and swords, the handles were encrusted with diamonds and gemstones.  My favourite part was the theatre section which had stage models, sketches and paintings which explained the role of the artists and designers and their processes.  We saw one of the earliest surviving set models from 1793 for a production of ‘The Wonders of Derbyshire’ by landscape painter Philip James de Loutherbourg.  We also saw many posters, theatre costumes including a few from the Lion King.

We then looked around the exhibition ‘Russian Avant-garde Theatre: War Revolution and Design’.  This display had twenty radical and revolutionary designs for performance against the backdrop of the First World War and the Russian Revolutions.

After lunch our group went to the architectural section which had scale models of many famous buildings from around the world.  The next area we discovered was the metalwork which was stunning; I particularly liked the enormous keys.  We also saw a large sculptural piece which was made from squashed brass instruments which had been arranged symmetrically. The Art trip was extremely fun and informative.

Alec Foster-Brown