Year 5 Visit the Jewish Museum

As we sat down for our first lesson at the Jewish Museum, I felt excited and interested, and started imagining what artefacts we would see.  The teacher gave out some Jewish artefacts, like the Torah scrolls, kippahs and tallits (prayer shawls) for us to look at.  We also saw these together with other objects when we went round the amazing exhibition, filling in our sheets. It was really fun when Theo and Archie dressed up with a tallit and a kippah. Later, we learnt some Hebrew and learned how to write our names using quills (which was hard).

Towards the end of the day we met Bob and Anne who escaped from Germany as children in World War 2.  They told us how they witnessed the burning of synagogues and got on the Kindertransport to safety in England. Their story was sad but inspiring, and a great way to end the day.

 Tristan Betts and Peter Compton-Burnett