Year 1 Visit Rushall Farm

Year 1 were very excited about going on their trip to Rushall Farm. We met with Brig who showed us around the farm. After giving us a few good ground rules we had a bracing walk across the field to visit the chickens and a couple of shy turkeys. Next we looked at some machinery and the children proffered their knowledge about the plough and seed drill. Brig was impressed with what they had already learnt in the classroom. A highlight was climbing into the cab of a combine harvester where we could pretend to be real farmers at work! Hearing the baa-ing sheep with their bleating babies our next stop was the lambing shed. We were very fortunate to watch the ewes giving birth and also to cuddle some young lambs on our laps. The cows were feeding and amusingly they snorted at the children, blowing their food up into the air.

We were all hungry for lunch and grateful for the ride in the tractor trailer back to the barn. The warmth of the barn was welcoming. Brig talked to us about bees and we had fun dressing up and acting out the life of bees.

In the afternoon we looked for signs of spring in the woodland. We found daffodils ready to burst open, leaf buds on the trees and the promise of bluebells. It was a good, successful day and the children have enjoyed retelling their experiences of Rushall Farm in their follow-up work in the classroom. Well done Year 1!