PALS Visit on Saturday 31st January

Last Saturday, 31st January, five PALS and adult helpers made their latest visit to the school. The covering of snow meant a last minute change of plan but in the end a fun morning was had by all.

The first activity of the day was to make pizzas. These could be sweet or savoury. Whilst the idea of a malteser and marshmallow may sound good they were not quite as tasty as hoped. The traditional cheese and ham proved to be a winner. While the pizzas were cooking the PALS used a clever microphone which meant they could eavesdrop on the lessons taking place in the science block classrooms.

After trying their pizzas the PALS had a go at balloon rockets. An inflated balloon is attached to a tight piece of string and when let go it fires along the string. Connor, one of the PALS achieved the longest distance of the day. At the end of the morning one of the adult helpers said it was the first time Adam, one of the PALS had smiled for quite some time. Congratulations to the five Year 7 boys who helped and had a fun morning themselves.