Egyptian Day for Year 3

On Wednesday 5th of February, Stuart Davies from BBC’s Horrible Histories series paid us a visit. All Elstree boys and girls in Year 3 were elegantly dressed in Ancient Egyptian attire and spent the day engrossed in various activities to bring to life this term’s history topic.
The morning was spent researching various Egyptian tasks in the form of a quiz. Stuart then gave us a talk dressed as an archaeologist from 1922. We also had a session on Egyptian maths and measured various things in the McMullen Hall using Egyptian techniques. In the afternoon we ran through the entire mummification process starting from the removal of the internal organs and finishing up with a formal procession to the tomb where the mummy was laid to rest in his sarcophagus.
It was a brilliant day and felt as if we had actually travelled back in time to the days of the ancient Egyptians. The girls and boys took the whole day seriously but had much fun in the process and will certainly remember all the exciting things they learnt.
Many thanks to our parents who provided such fantastic costumes and make-up.