Years 3 and 4 Play

There was much excitement as the Year 3 and 4 pupils changed into their costumes and had their make-up applied and hair styled ahead of the first performance of “Back to the Blitz” last week. Written by our wonderful Mr Schuman and produced by Mrs Oliver, the audiences were in for a real treat.

The audience was taken back in time, to September 1940, to witness the horrors, excitement and humour of the Second World War. There was a variety of quirky characters including Potato Pete, Dr Carrot, the Dad’s Army, ladies from the WAAF and WRNS, fiery ARP wardens, an East End gang of thugs plus the little evacuees travelling from city to countryside.

The actors delivered a flawless performance and certainly learnt a lot about the war in the process.

As we are celebrating Elstree’s 175th anniversary this year, there were many references made of the school and its wonderful grounds. Some of the songs seem to linger long in the memory and have been heard as children walk down the corridors or cartwheel their way through playtime at break.

There was a clever twist at the end of the play whereby Jack managed to reverse his fate. Rather than having hours of detention for his failed assignment, he rewrites his essay to become top prizewinner. “Jack – however did you do it?” enquires the history teacher!

Well done to everyone involved, especially our budding actors and actresses, all those that helped with the incredible stage, costume and set design and everyone else who work tirelessly behind the scenes – what a triumph!