Years 3 and 4 Informal Concert

What a talented and keen cohort the Year 3 and 4 proved to be with their full to bursting Informal Concert on Monday.

Every pupil participated by showing off their recorder skills at the start of the event playing an aptly named upbeat piece, Jazzamatazz, sensitively accompanied by Czedale from Year 6. We then had a spectacular array of vocal, piano, drum, flute, trumpet and mini-bassoon solos, and to crown it all a cello duet with Aki from Year 8 joining his brother Aki in Year 3 to play the rousing Cap’n Jack’s Hornpipe!

This variety of instruments is quite extraordinary in this age range and the audience gave each performer encouraging applause. We ended with everyone singing the uplifting song, There’s a power in the music.

The sound of over fifty young voices accompanied by drums truly raised the Long Room rafters! 

What a wonderful finish to this year’s Informal Concert series.