Years 3 & 4 Informal Concert

The Years 3 & 4 Informal Concert was a stunning display of the musical talent that is growing through the school.

The Junior Choir began with a Gospel Medley and then a joyful performance of The Candyman, which you could tell they all loved singing! We then moved on to solo vocal performances from Charlie AW, George B, Harry M and Finn B while girls Aggie F and Jemima S sang a duet. They all sang bravely – their voices ringing out true in the big McMullen Hall, Up next was a solo performance on the flute from Felicita B  and then  we had a stunning array of piano performances from Safiya F, Gabriella A, Freddie K, Harry M, Evie A, Charlie AW, Tom L-H, Tomisin A, Bruce B, Caragh S, Henry S, Hubery Y, Isaac T, Johnny RK, Rex R. Laurie H, Hugo KB, Florence O, and Noah C. Laurie W played Auld Lang Syne on the guitar and Fawn S sang a beautiful solo of Haunted House before we returned once again to the piano with Hector P closing the concert with Arabesque

The boys and girls sang and played each instrument beautifully. It is lovely to see such a keen take up of musical instruments and to see the children grow in confidence as they take to the stage.