Year 8 Take Over Day

A popular day in the Summer Term calendar is the Year 8 Take Over Day.

Elstree’s new teaching staff (Year 8 pupils) performed excellently under the scrutiny of some of its older members. After some teacher training, they spent a couple of days preparing two lessons to deliver to the rest of the school. The boys chose their lessons out of a pot, assigning them anything from 3CMK History to 7AJP Latin. They produced starters, teaching points, activities and a plenary, and were marked on seven different criteria.

What were the Topics?

Topics included the Black Death, probability using Skittles, and satellites. Stories from those lessons have come out that the River Nile in fact ends in the Lake District, the sofa in Hill 9 is a good teacher’s chair, and teachers, too, apparently need loo breaks in the middle of their lessons.

The “teachers” clearly enjoyed themselves, well done Year 8!