Year 8 Scholars Trip to Microsoft

On Monday, 4th June 8SEW and 8EHL went to London to visit the Microsoft London office. This was because the two classes had finished their exams, and Mrs Hodson, who works there was kind enough to give us a tour together with some very useful computing skills with the help of her colleagues.

At Microsoft we were greeted by drinks and croissants before we went into an incredible class room full of laptops.  We were shown how to use paint 3D and then had a go using it ourselves.  We were also taught how to code a microbit, which is a small computer that is 18 times faster than a computer.  We were then treated to the highlight of the day which was the chance to see and to use a HoloLens.  This projects holograms into your real life view.  We were finally taught the exciting tips and tricks of the office 365 and when Lev showed us a new format on PowerPoint that allowed us to search a topic he said “the teachers will hate me for this!”  It was an amazing day!

Oliver Barker and Guy Stevens