Year 8 Mothers and Sons’ Tennis

Fourteen Yr 8 mothers joined their sons for the Mothers and Sons’ Tennis Tournament on Saturday 12th June.

Tournament Format

The standard of play was particularly high this year with each pair playing 8 short matches of 3 games. I was pleased to hear encouraging words of advice from sons to mothers throughout the morning. We were lucky to have a bright sun overhead during the course of the two hours. 


My congratulations go to the Moncktons who played and won, a grand total of 21 games. The Keppel-Comptons and the Williams, were the runners up with a total of 19 games.

Thank you to all the mothers, who regardless of their ability, agreed to play 24 games with their sons. A very happy and memorable day was had by all.

Elstree tennis

A top-spinning revolution should be on the cards for Elstree tennis! We now have an ex-county player as Head of Tennis, we have lots of children whose favourite sport is tennis, we have all year round coaching, we have lots of children in out-of-school junior academies such as Bradfield, and we now have twelve new all weather courts.

Tennis is a game for life. Now is the time for these pupils to drill their shots, fitness, agility and decision making to become “tennis players” rather than good games players giving it a go.