Year 8 Life Skills Day

On Thursday the Year 8 boys were put through their paces with ‘Life Skills Morning’.  Having divided into 6 groups, they worked their way round the various ‘stations’ acquiring valuable skills for later life on their way.  They are now proficient at sewing on a button, washing windows and cars, ironing a shirt, sorting laundry and understanding the different settings on a washing machine, bike maintenance and cooking. 

The boys came to the Headmaster’s House and learnt how to make a Bolognaise – acquiring key skills such as chopping onions, (plenty of tears) garlic and carrots, caramelising onions, browning mince, seasoning food and grating cheese.  One or two groups went slightly ‘off recipe’ adding extra chilli, garlic and herbs, but each group was convinced that ‘their’ spaghetti Bolognaise was the best ever, when they tucked into it for lunch. 

Well done to our Year 8 boys for acquiring some key skills for life. We all look forward to seeing these skills used over the long summer holidays!  A massive thank you to all our fantastic Year 8 volunteer Mums for helping out.  We are so grateful to you, and hope that you enjoyed it as much as your boys did?!