Year 8 Leavers’ Trip

The boys have had a wonderful few days here in Wales. It has been rainy, but that has had no effect on the various water sports. Group B have been Coasteering followed by Surfing. Group C paddled down the coastline in Kayaks to watch the Group B boys jumping into the sea. The Kayakers loved paddling through some deep dark Pembrokeshire caves and looking at all the wonderful wildlife on this stunning coastline. The Kayakers even pulled up a lobster pot out to sea to check out the fisherman’s catch! Whilst Group B were Surfing this afternoon, Groups A and C walked the Pembrokeshire Coastline and spent time creating ‘Beach Art’ on Caifai Beach near St David’s. We then scrabbled up the cliffs to look down on the art work created with prizes duly awarded.

On their last evening the boys have had a hearty meal rounded off with a delicious treacle tart pudding. Our Lead Instructor, Tommy, gave a presentation to the boys with certificates handed out and photos of the boys activities displayed on the TV screen. The highlight of the evening was the boys reflections on their favourite moments from the many activities that they have completed this week. A wonderful closing evening to a great trip. The M4 awaits us tomorrow!