Year 8 Leavers’ Trip

After an intense week of Common Entrance exams, the Leavers gathered promptly on Tuesday morning with a great sense of excitement and anticipation for our trip to beautiful Pembrokeshire. The weather forecast was set fair for the week and the journey to Preseli Venture went smoothly. On arrival we were given a delicious lunch, before splitting into groups and heading off to our first activity.  

Sea Kayaking

One of the highlights of the week was sea kayaking, where we explored the pristine coastal waters of Pembrokeshire. Equipped with kayaks and expert guidance, we navigated through breathtaking sea caves, arches, and hidden coves. The awe-inspiring beauty of the coastline, coupled with the sense of accomplishment from paddling across the open sea, gave everyone a real sense of appreciation of the natural world. 


Coasteering was another hugely enjoyable activity that pushed our boundaries and filled us with adrenaline. Armed with wetsuits and helmets, we traversed the rugged shoreline, encountering towering cliffs, surging waves, and rocky obstacles. From leaping into the crystal-clear waters from great heights to swimming through narrow gaps and exploring hidden caves, coasteering allowed us to conquer our fears, develop resilience, and embrace the sheer joy of being immersed in nature’s playground. 


The week also included an introduction to surfing, where we paddled like mad to catch the waves and experienced the exhilaration of riding the ocean’s energy. Almost everyone managed to stand up at some point, but there were some hilarious wipe-outs too!  

Everyone also got the chance to explore St. David’s, although the local co-op and ice cream shop proved considerably more alluring than the beautiful cathedral!  

We also thoroughly enjoyed the boat trips, speeding round the coastline on a fast rib, while also taking in the beautiful scenery and abundant local wildlife.  

In the evenings after supper the instructors led team building games, roasted marshmallows and we even managed a very chilly dip on a beautiful beach just 10 minutes walk from the centre.  

Overall, it was a super trip, and we were blessed with glorious weather. The children were good company, and it was a lovely way to kick off their Leavers’ programme, and what we hope will be a memorable last few weeks at Elstree.