Year 8 Leavers’ Programme

The Year 8 leavers have had a full and varied leavers’ programme this year.  From Life skills to a Science roadshow are just some of things they have been up to.

The life skills morning had a handful of willing teachers happy to display their inner YouTuber skills.  They filmed and starred in an instructional video about various life skills, from making a bed, brewing a cup of tea or even doing a pile of ironing.  These videos inspired the Leavers to show off their newly learnt skills and they themselves made their own videos or sent in pictures performing various life skills, some even making their own instructional videos.  Perhaps we may get to use these again for next year’s set of Leavers!

The boys have also been working on their end of year Leavers Yearbook. Hunting in the archives of their parents’ photos looking for that cute first day of School picture or the proud moment they stood on the podium on sports day. Then also writing about themselves and their time at Elstree to add to their Biography. I can’t wait to see their finished product.

More recently the boys have been doing ‘stay at home’ science experiments. Mr A Brown complied a smorgasbord of exciting and entertaining science experiments that the boys were able to put together at home with everyday household items. Plenty of Wizz-bangs, gooey sticky globs and fascinating reactions enjoyed by all!