Year 8 Leavers’ Celebrations

On the last night of term, in keeping with true Elstree tradition, Mr Prichard led Staff and Year 8 teams out for a game of Crocker on Yard.  A mix of rounders and football, the sun drenched match saw the boys put staff firmly in their place with a convincing win of 202 runs vs 176. It was a great fun match, full of laughter and a final testament to the team spirit, sporting enthusiasm and quick wit of our Elstree pupils. 

After the match, staff and Year 8 boys attended the Leavers’ Supper, which was brilliantly organised by Mrs Inglis and hosted outside on the front lawn. It was a beautiful English summer’s evening with a lovely atmosphere, full of chatter and reminiscing over the fun memories the pupils have of their time at Elstree. Lara prepared a very  delicious and fitting supper to send off our Year 8 boys: steak and chips with salad, mozzarella and a sweet chili dressing. For pudding everyone tucked into ice cream sundaes and then it was time for Mr Inglis to bid the boys a fond farewell. With wise words ringing in their ears, and fun photos, stories and memories filling the Leavers’ Books in their hands, the final night for our Year 8 boys came to an end. 

The following morning the pupils, parents and teachers of the Prep School attended the Leavers’ Service at Douai Abbey. It was the first time the whole school has been into Douai Abbey since the Carol Service in 2019. It was very special to be back in such a magnificent setting with beautiful acoustics. The service was led by Head Boy William Anderson with a thought-provoking sermon from Lay Chaplain, Mr Prichard. The School Choir, Year 8 Boys and congregation sang so beautifully. It was a wonderful atmosphere, with emotions and pride running justifiably high.

The final day of term drew to a close with Leavers’ Drinks in Rose Garden. Under a bright sun, it was a  chance for the Year 8 pupils to say a final thank you to teachers and for us to say a goodbye to the wonderful families who are leaving Elstree. It will always be the families who join Elstree that make the school the place it is, they are a bright and fun community, wonderful supporters and loyal friends. We are privileged to have taught and cared for the children of any family that joins Elstree and we so look forward to hearing about what our Year 8 Leavers get up to next – for now, we wish them good luck!