Year 8 Informal Concert – Friday 14th October

The Long Room reverberated to a wide range of musical styles and instruments on Friday as many of the musicians in Year 8 treated us all to their first Informal Concert of the academic year. Alex Locke opened the concert with a note-perfect French Minuet, and then River Lee played a curious piece of Accurately Accented Accidentals on his ‘cello;  with the ‘ice broken’, the concert sped by. 

The standard of music was uniformly high, and particular mention must go to Tiger Li who played ‘Man on the Moon’ on the drum-kit, as well as ‘Jupiter’ on the Double Bass – it’s not often that the Double Bass takes centre stage with a solo. Max Walker sang ‘An Sylvia’ in German with exceptional clarity, and Peter Garnier played an Elegy on his ‘cello with a poignant vibrato. In all there were 11 soloists with another 7 performing in groups. Asian music made a rare appearance in an Informal Concert with a group of Year 8 boys called the ‘Indian Proclaimers’ playing ‘Alan’s Snack-Bar’ on a variety of percussion instruments, before we headed to Downtown Manhattan for the jazzy finale of ‘Sad Harry’s Blues’ performed by another Year 8 group called ‘The American Diners’. As Mr Inglis noted in his congratulations at the end, this is a talented year group who have always taken the lead in the music performed at Elstree, and the boys clearly showed that this would continue during their final year, even with so many other calls on their time.