Year 8 Guest Night

The Year 8 Guest Night has become a firm favourite in the Elstree Leavers’ Programme. 

Each Year 8 pupil invites a guest for dinner at Elstree – either a godparent, uncle, aunt, family friend, teacher or grandparent. After a lovely walk around the grounds enjoying the evening sunshine with their guest,  everyone gathered on the lawn in front of the dining room for drinks and canapés.  There was such a happy and relaxed atmosphere as the children introduced their guests to their friends, with lots of animated chatter and catching up.   

Lara and her team produced the most delicious canapés, followed by a wonderful main course and a trio of puddings.  A particular shout out to our Year 7 waiters who were incredibly attentive: topping up glasses throughout the evening,  serving canapés and waiting at the tables with charm, grace and efficiency.  Don’t worry, it will be your turn to invite someone next year!