Year 8 Come Dine with Me

On Friday, the Year 8 boys undertook their ‘Come Dine with Me Challenge’.   Following video link guidance from Elstree’s very own ‘professional chefs’  they watched Mr Inglis knock up a deliciously fresh and juicy tomato bruschetta, Mrs Inglis demonstrated how to make a tasty spaghetti bolognaise and Mr Attwood finished off the three course feast with some delicious brownies.  The boys could choose to either follow these recipes, or be more adventurous.  In addition to the these dishes,  it was fantastic to see such a variety of mouth watering meals being created :  frittata, dumplings and treacle tart to name but a few!   There is no doubt that the culinary skills of our Elstree pupils have improved during lockdown, and we’ve had plenty of positive feedback from the Year 8 families after their ‘Come Dine with Me’ experience.   Several boys then offered to cook Sunday lunch for Fathers’ Day!