Year 8 Big Weekend

On Saturday evening the Year 8 Big Weekend kicked off with preparations for the arrival of… the GIRLS!  Although the boys pretended to play it cool, their true feelings were revealed by the number of glances in the mirror and hands through hair as quiffs were carefully arranged to suggest casual nonchalance when it was announced that the Downe House bus was here.  Harry wowed the crowd with some spectacular bagpiping from the roof of the main house as the ladies arrived and, once our charming young men had showed the ladies to the McMullen Hall, Mr Darling took charge of proceedings with inimitable flair.  An experienced Caller, Mr Darling guided our young reelers as they set, turned, Stripped the Willow and met the Dashing White Sergeant.  A thoroughly energetic and hysterically fun evening was had by all until nothing remained but for Harry to pipe everyone out as boys and girls alike marched after him out to the front of the school.  The girls were waved off and the boys went upstairs to calm down before sleep!

Sunday morning began with duvets being dragged to the Common Room to watch a movie (because as yet the boys don’t know about Sunday lie-ins!) before breakfast in pyjamas.  Everyone then tapped into their competitive spirit in the It’s-A-Knockout events which included an assault course, foot pool, Gladiators-style podium duelling and a game which involved gathering as many balls from a central ‘pond’ as possible whilst being held back by a bungee cord.  It was all very amusing to take part in (and to watch!) and, once the competition element was over, everyone just had a great deal of fun bouncing about.

The weekend was finished off with a trip to Nando’s for the full boarders, where the manager came over to the table expressly to declare the boys ‘Champions’ because they ordered so many chicken wings that Nando’s ran out!

This weekend was definitely a highlight of the year so far, and hugely enjoyed by boys and staff alike.