Year 8 Big Weekend

The Year 8 boys joined the Boarding House for an evening of Tennis and BBQ at Downe House.  After picking out the perfect outfit for such an occasion and eating a full dinner at Elstree, the boys made their way to Downe House where some tennis was actually played in between socialising!   They then saw away the BBQ with no trouble at all (as is the way with growing 13 years olds, they seem to have an endless capacity for putting away food!) and returned to Elstree for a solid sleep.

This sleep, followed by a hearty breakfast, was much needed as the boys would need to pit their wits against each other in the raft building challenge. In the end it was less about wits and more about the best swimming skills, as the rafts invariably seemed to disintegrate on contact with water! Like watching a digestive biscuit dissolve in a cup of tea, the staff watched the rafts gently drift apart… As some boys found themselves integral to the structural viability of the raft, others decided to be pragmatic and swim for the rubber duck. Altogether there was a lot of smiling, a lot of getting wet and a lot of fun.

It was a delightful weekend and the boys were great company!