Year 8 Big Weekend

From the first waft of Lynx through the corridors of the boarding house to the final wave goodbye of the girls from Downe House, the Year 8 Big Weekend was a big hit with all involved. The boys have never cleaned themselves so thoroughly as they did in anticipation of their Scottish Reeling event with Downe House, and their positive efforts to be charming continued throughout the evening with some very energetic reeling, led by the inimitable Mr Darling as Caller.

On Sunday morning the boys pitted themselves against each other in a style reminiscent of the classic TV show ‘Gladiators’ (whilst wearing the appropriate safety gear of course!) in an inflatable arena that seemed to have been designed entirely with Elstree boys in mind! By the end of the weekend spirits were high and everyone involved was ready for a well-earned rest and relax on Sunday afternoon.