Year 8 Big Weekend

Half-term already seems like a distant memory and we’ve had, as ever, a busy weekend.  The Year 8 boys hosted the Downe House girls on Saturday night to an evening of ‘mocktails’ and gambling (pretend money only!) with a Casino Royale theme.  They all looked very smart dressed up in their dinner jackets and there was lots of mingling between the two schools and many new friendships made.  

The weather on Sunday morning was wet, wild and windy so a hearty breakfast was definitely required before braving the elements for an epic game of Laser Tag in Plantation and round the school grounds.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and returned to school at midday rather wet but with big smiles on their faces! The Big Weekenders all headed home and our full boarders tucked into a delicious roast turkey for lunch.  Mr Baxter organised a big badminton tournament in the sports hall in the afternoon, and prizes were awarded for the winners and also those that demonstrated the best sportsmanship.