Year 7’s French Trip

Our Year 7’s set off on their French trip early on Sunday morning  in good spirits. Thanks to Madame Goodbourn, we have a first-hand account of their adventure so far:

“The French trip started in great style with a luxury double-decker coach, complete with DVD player and loo.  Everyone was extremely excited as we pulled out of the school gates and set off on our journey.

 As our trip to Dover was quicker than expected, we managed to take an earlier ferry.  With our extra time, we visited a beach for a paddle, explored the rock pools in search of crabs and played a bit of beach rugby – inspired by World Cup. After a few nips from crabs, a few accidental wet trousers and a few sandy toes, we clambered back up to the coach to complete our journey.

We arrived at Moulin aux Draps mid afternoon. Everyone then settled happily into their dorms and enjoyed some free time to explore, play table tennis or a bit of quick cricket. The boys have made solid starts to their journal writing, practising writing and speaking of the day’s events in the past tense.

Supper was a much anticipated three course meal which, by the level of noise and the clean plates at the end, seemed to be a roaring success. After supper, there was a little more free time before the boys retired to their dorms for some much needed sleep.” 


“Although we woke to quite a wet and grey day, it improved whilst we ate breakfast. We had a birthday today – Francis turned 12. Breakfast had an air of happiness and fun in the air. The boys are growing ever more familiar with naming the cutlery and equipment on the tables, which they need to master before food is served.

We set off for the boulangerie (bakery) to try our hand at croissant making. The baker was stern, using a rolling pin like a sergent major to extract the best French he could from the boys. They learnt the ingredients needed and how to cut and roll the perfect croissant – many aspiring bakers have been uncovered in the group.

After another run around on the beach (much flatter, sunnier and conducive to football and rugby this time) we ate our packed lunches.

We entered Nausicaa, the sea life centre in Boulogne, very excited to see which creatures were going to be seen. We made our way first to the sharks, to watch feeding time. Contrary to our expectations of thrashing and teeth and perhaps a little bit of gore, the sharks delicately nibbled the octopus off the pole, which was rather an anti climax. However, when we ventured downstairs for an underwater view, the perspective was rather more sinister.

We saw a sea lion show, pretended we were fisherman on a deep sea trawler and marvelled at the vast aquarium tank containing a magnificent manta ray.

Tired, we boarded the coach back to the hotel and enjoyed some free time while the teaching groups took it in turn to complete their menus and journals in French. We are working on remembering useful phrases, expanding our sentences and learning new vocabulary.

Supper ended with a rendition of Happy Birthday, while a huge birthday cake was brought in with what appeared to be the largest sparkler I have ever seen lighting the way. After supper, free time playing outside was enjoyed before a slightly earlier lights out was imposed. It’s an earlier start tomorrow. Much French will be spoken, tried out and learnt as the boys descend on the local market to buy their lunches. Their bellies will depend on their accuracy.”