Year 7 Trip to ‘Life of Christ’ at Wintershall

On Tuesday 18th June Year 7 flooded on down to the Wintershall Estate in Surrey for the annual Life of Christ play.  It’s an open-air, all-day play retelling the narrative of the Luke’s Gospel, and involves scores of actors all mic’d up, with music and special effects to boot.  The effects no one called for came from the sky, as the heavens began to open in the late morning and boys crowded under umbrellas and picnic blankets.  To their credit, no one made a run for it, and the actors continued unbothered by the comic conditions.

The play is an old favourite of ours at Elstree, and we often bump into people who know our school and value our support.  The play is a hugely accurate portrayal of the promise of the Messiah, his reception by the disciples and scheming teachers of the law, and his capture and crucifixion by the Romans. Stage plays aren’t a patch on this sort of theatre, and the boys knew it – all scored the day 8-9/10 (dampened only by the damp!).