Year 7 Play in a Day

Last Thursday, Year 7 split into their three tutor groups to create a Play in a Day for their Drama Lesson.

Head of Drama Mrs Oliver said:  “We had great fun on Thursday devising our own plays within the three Year 7 tutor groups along the theme of ‘Night at the Museum’.  The boys showed bags of energy, creativity and enthusiasm in coming up with ideas for their performances. Each form created their own script and worked to a tight time frame. They really did themselves proud.”

Each group, with help from Mr Owens, Mrs Payne, Mrs Howard, Mr Attwood, and Mrs Oliver, based their comedic plays on the same plot outline.

The Play in a Day Plot

“The British Museum launches a nationwide school competition to find the missing crown jewels.  Four teenagers enter and, after passing strict security screening tests conducted by a highly controlling curator and her inefficient assistant, set out to find their first clues. 

Soon enough they realise that all the artefacts, wax statues and paintings are not in their proper places. Could somebody be moving them around? And what are the sinister sounds emerging from the Egyptian exhibit? The four friends find themselves so engrossed in the mystery that they fail to hear the bell sounding the closure of the museum. Night begins to fall…

Quite suddenly, there is a commotion in the basement.  All the historical characters have come to life and are arguing over the crown jewels.  The argument leads to factions, and both teenagers and historical figures side with a different King/Queen to hunt for what they deem rightfully theirs. How will each party find the jewels? Battle plans are drawn…

The great battle at the museum: it’s mayhem in every corner as even the Spanish Armada are called in to salvage the situation. But despite their greatest efforts, nobody succeeds in finding the crown jewels.

Dawn breaks and the historical figures, artefacts and paintings return to their proper places.  The group of friends are escorted out the building by a very agitated curator. Tired, disgruntled and hungry, the friends sit on the steps, reflecting on their night at the museum.”

Night at the Museum Drama Lesson

Each group used the  same ‘Night at the Museum‘ theme, the same set and had the same costumes to choose from for their Play in a Day. But, each created their unique style of comedy and different set of historical characters. Their task was to develop a script, which they would then perform to an audience.

Year 7JCM chose Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and a very convincing Winston Churchill. They added a twist by including the curator of the museum in a secret plot to hide the crown jewels.

Year 7AJP chose Julius Caesar and Henry VIII, complete with a headless wife seen in the photo frame.

Year 7TDW’s performance involved Boudicca, Churchill, and a chocolate-loving Aztec King, who doubled as an extremely controlling curator.

Each group had the boy King Tut rise from a coffin. Admittedly, some kept their mummified state more intact than others, before Philip, King of Spain called in the “Armada”. All battle scenes were performed in slow-motion to music.

Star Performances

Mrs Oliver concluded: “Excellent comedy acting by Jack, Alex, Edward, James, Thomas, Sergey and Hugh. Overall, fantastic vocal projection and character work by all of Year 7.”