Year 7 Informal Concert

Last Friday we were treated to a variety of musical excellence by Year 7 during their Informal Concert. Theo’s rendition of the drums part from Blur’s ‘Song 2’ was confident and assured and played with rhythmic stability from the start; he handled changes of tempo very well. Next up was a very sensitive and tuneful performance of ‘Sometime, Maybe’ on the ‘cello from Angus, who sustained a good warm tone throughout and gave a confident introduction.

 Theo then gave us ‘Match of the Day’ on the piano; this was a strong and vibrant performance and he handled the fast tempo very well. A change of mood followed with Killian on trumpet performing ‘Down Home Blues’; this piece is challenging in its mood and its demand for sensitive nuanced playing and Killian handled it extremely well indeed.

Next we were all treated to a lovely vocal performance of ‘7 Years’ by Olly accompanied by Angus on ‘cello and Yuyao on glockenschpiel. Olly’s performance was thoughtful and evocative and he handled the changes of mood in the song with skill and feeling, his vocal range suited the song choice and he maintained energy and interest throughout. The accompaniment was sensitive and assured and supported Olly well, accompaniment is an important skill for emerging musicians.

Following this Yuyao performed the vibrant piece ‘Budapesto’ on the ‘cello, handling the fast Latin tempo very well and giving characterful phrasing with a very good tone. We were then treated to a piano piece played by Harry who performed the evocative ‘The Unknown’ by Louise Chamberlain with assurance and sensitivity, playing with a good dynamic range and a confident action.

The musical feast was rounded off by Cosmo on drums with ‘Come Together’ by the Beatles. Here was a young person at home on the drums with a secure sense of rhythm and the ability to sustain the fast tempo needed and the energy throughout this challenging piece.

 This was a real musical treat and year 7 should feel justifiably proud to have such a great variety of musical talent in its ranks.