Year 7 end the Informal Music Concerts on a positive note

Last Friday, Year 7 finished the Autumn Term’s Informal Music Concerts on an extremely positive note.

The in-house and virtual audiences enjoyed hearing some really accomplished playing and singing.  What’s more, as the mix of styles was refreshingly varied, it really got the house rocking.

Performances at the Year 7 Informal Music Concert

Although voice and piano were the most popular performances from Year 7, a couple chose to play other instruments.  Alex, one of our two-instrument playing musicians, delivered self-assured pieces on the oboe and the violin.  Meanwhile, Aki gave us an incredible Minuet on the cello.

Finlay’s vocal rendition of Ed Sheeran‘s “The A Team” sent a shiver down one’s spine. On the contrary, Jerry’s piano version of “Dance Monkey” got everyone’s feet tapping.

Edward provided the feel-good factor performance with “Let’s go fly a kite”, and William a strident interpretation of ‘The Avengers’. 

Continuing the film theme, Cosmo sang a compassionate “Talk to the Animals”. This was then followed by Taro and Aaron, who completed the programme with a Contredanse and Arabseque.  

Nothing can stop the music 

Our Year 7 performers must be commended on their confidence, and their peers on their attentive listening. Isn’t it reassuring and heartening to know that nothing (not even a pandemic) can ever stop the music.

Music at Elstree

Music is an important part of Elstree life both within and outside the curriculum. Aside from the year group informal concerts,  there are four choirs, and a variety of orchestras and ensembles to perform with. As many as 75 per cent of our pupils learn an instrument, with some learning two.

What is an informal music concert?

Informal concerts at Elstree are held for each year group, every term. Held in the Long Room, they are an opportunity for pupils to play or sing a piece of music they have learnt in front of a small, friendly and supportive audience.  Usually, Parents, Grandparents and friends are invited to come along and hear their child/ren play. However, for the time being, they are treated to the musical performances via Zoom.