Year 7 Elstree Award Camp

On a humid Saturday evening on the 12th June the Year 7’s gathered for a glorious BBQ on the front lawn after a sunny afternoon of Cricket. The purpose of the evening was to have fun completing some leadership tasks, but importantly take time to reflect on each other’s character development. Communication, understanding, empathy and importantly listening to your peer were topics discussed in depth. Of course the pupils revelled in the challenges laid out for them in true Elstree style.


They did the ‘Wet Welly Challenge’ on the low ropes course. The ‘Circle of Trust’ and ‘Lost Sheep’ challenge took place on the front lawn before finishing with some life saving skills in pyjamas in the school swimming pool. There was lots of fun, sun and leadership reflection time on this glorious summers evening.

The Elstree Award

The Elstree Award is based on the principles of the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award which is very popular in senior schools. It offers a real opportunity to develop skills outside of the classroom such as leadership, problem solving and responsibility as well as providing opportunities to serve the community and test their ability to take on a challenge. Year 6 pupils follow the ‘Bronze’ programme, the Year 7 work towards the ‘Silver’ award and the Year 8 pupils take part in the ‘Gold’ award – each level becomes more challenging as the pupils progress through the school. 

How is the winning pupil chosen for the Elstree Award?

The pupils were scored on each activity and an award is given at the end of term for the pupil that shows the most promising leadership potential for the future.