Year 7 Big Weekend

The Year 7 boys had a superb and busy Big Weekend.  There was huge excitement at the arrival of the Downe House ladies for Saturday night’s social and, somewhat outnumbered, our valiant chaps enjoyed hosted the ladies in the most charming possible way.   The first ever Elstree-Downe House Gameshow Quiz Challenge was a rip-roaring success.  Prepared by Mr Williams (who turned out to be a veritable Bruce Forsyth!),  the mixed teams of lads and ladies pitted their wits against each other in a series of rounds, some of which were traditional quiz-style, others of which were based on gameshows including Deal or No Deal, Catchphrase and Countdown.  Congratulations to Jamie and his team of ladies who took the prize, earning over 15,000 points!

On Sunday morning the boys climbed into giant inflatable bubbles and ran at each other in a Zorb football tournament and football darts.  There was a great deal of bouncing and rolling and, in between all that, the occasional goal!  The staff even had a go and the gappers learned that Mr Williams is very difficult to knock over.

After lunch, once the Big Weekenders had gone home,  the Full Boarders enjoyed having the run of the school and making a den in the Boarders’ Common Room using sheets, poles and Mrs Williams’ old curtains.  Although the structural integrity of the den is questionable, the pure childhood fun of sitting in a home-made tent and watching a movie is undeniable!