Year 7 Big Weekend

Year 7 got their Ainsley Harriott faces on for their Big Weekend Ready, Steady, Cook! Five groups, all named after TV chefs, competed in five 15 minute rounds to live up to their culinary namesakes. They chopped, rolled and skewered; they made flatbread, lamb koftas, chips, Christmas snowmen and fruit salad Christmas trees, and on round 4 they had to cook in character.

While the Hestons took extra care, the Jamies poured willy-nilly, the Hughs rah’d about their previous day’s kills, the Hairy Bikers gave their best northern accents and the Georges could be heard from the other side of the room in what was a raucous crescendo. Many thanks go to our head chef Lara for her time and energy in preparing such a fun evening.