Year 7 Big Weekend

New York, London, Paris, Woolhampton….  After watching our inaugural Elstree Fish and Chip Fashion Show on Saturday night this quiet corner of Berkshire may yet emerge as the next fashion capital of the world.

Clearly taking their inspiration from the sartorial elegance on display in the Common Room every day, the Year 7 boys embraced the opportunity to get creative with newspaper and tape. Admittedly the creations were a bit more C&A than D&G, but with Paco and DJ Pyotr providing the sights and sounds, and a panel of Year 6 judges with impeccable fashion credentials waiting to award marks out of 10 for their efforts, the boys got into the spirit of the occasion.

The scores from the night before were added to the results of the Sunday morning teambuilding games: A to Z, Egg Drop and Slippy Chopsticks – to name a few, and after a titanic battle, Chatfield won the coveted title ‘Ultimate Dorm 2015’.

Hats off to the boys for their enthusiasm and endeavour throughout the weekend, it was a good one!