Year 7 BIG Boarding Weekend

It was Year 7’s turn for their BIG Boarding Weekend, which was as action-packed as ever.

Ready Steady Cook!

Starting on Saturday night, our pupils took part in a Ready, Steady, Cook! challenge hosted in the Dining Room.  There was a huge buzz of excitement as our budding chefs worked in teams to prepare potato rosti, chicken kebabs and chocolate brownies.

Elstree School Chef Andrew and Catering Manager Lara confessed that this was some of the best cooking they’d ever seen at a BIG Boarding Weekend. 

As an extra special treat, everyone had the opportunity to stir the Elstree Christmas pudding, to be enjoyed at the end of term Boarders’ Christmas Party.

The winning team will be announced soon, and treated to a slap-up lunch, with a menu of their choice, the week after next. 

Imposter at Park for Boarding Weekend

Unfortunately due to the national lock-down, there was no Zorb football on Sunday morning. Instead, everyone headed up to Park to play a big game of ‘Imposter’.  (Apparently, it’s all the rage at the minute.)

Footie and dodgeball

Next, Year 7 played in a 5-a-side football tournament on Bates, followed by a spot of dodgeball in the Sports Hall. You won’t be surprised to learn that Year 7 slept extremely well on Sunday night.

Full boarding weekend fun

Meanwhile, our full boarders thoroughly enjoyed a morning of art with Mrs. Sycklemore. After that, they spent some much-needed R&R on computers and phones, and then had the chance to call home. 

Later, before lights out, our younger children practiced their spellings and General Knowledge, while our older pupils revised for their exams, went over French vocabulary, and rehearsed their lines for the school play.