Year 7 Art Trip to the Royal Academy

On the 22nd February, Year 7 visited the Royal Academy of Arts in London. We were learning about impressionism. When we went into the exhibition rooms there were lots of artworks by many different artists who worked in the period of impression. The guide told us that every painting in the exhibition were the originals and created by famous painters such as Monet, Millet, Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso.

My favourite painter was Claude Monet. He was a French artist who created a wonderful garden just so he could paint the beauty around him. This meant most of the paintings that Monet created were of flowers, trees and lakes with lilies in them.

Out of all the paintings I saw that day, my favourite was Water Lilies by Monet. I had a lot of fun and glad Mrs Syckelmoore organised for us to visit the Royal Academy and hope to visit the gallery again.

River Lee

I loved our art trip to the Royal Academy of Arts. We looked at a lot of paintings by various artists from the impressionist art movement. One of my favourite paintings was by Santiago Rusinol, Green Wall. There were a lot of different techniques explored in each painting and by different artists.

The exhibition displayed a lot of Monet’s paintings. I found out why Monet loved to paint flowers, water lilies and his garden; he enjoyed it because he simply loved his garden and was a gardener himself.

There were about ten rooms full of art! Overall we had a lovely day and look around the exhibition; later we had lunch and then had our own time to go back and visit our favourite artworks and sketch a few works. Afterwards we visited the 175 faces of chemistry.

I loved it! Thank you so much Mrs Syckelmoore.

Felix Tuck

On the 22nd of February, Year 7 went on a fantastic trip to the Royal Academy of Arts in London. I am sure that everyone would agree with me in saying that this trip was fun, educational and successful! I was really pleased when I heard we were going to the gallery because I have never really seen any exhibitions before apart from the art trip.My favourite painting was by Claude Monet called Water Lilies which were painted in 1904. This painting caught my eye as it was very detailed with thick brush strokes and a great use of colour which made it look 3D. We had a great tour guide who told us lots about the various artists and paintings.

At the end of the tour we sketched some of our favourite paintings including Monet’s work, Lieberman’s and Nolde’s. My favourite artist was Monet. Lunch was also very tasty and gave us all a good chance to discuss our favourite artists!

Jago West