Year 6 Wet, Wild and Wacky Weekend

This weekend saw the much-anticipated Year 6 Big Weekend take centre stage in the Boarding House, with the original Wet, Wild and Wacky plans for Saturday evening having to make way at the last minute (the weather taking things a little too literally, sadly!) for some very competitive, inter-class dodgeball instead.

With everyone suitably worn out, nightcap was followed by some fun corridor cricket on the landings before lights out. Even a midnight fire-alarm could not dampen the Year 6’s spirits and everyone was up bright and early for a full english breakfast and fun and games with Bushcraft specialists, Mud and Guts up in plantation. Capture the Flag, den building and fire-making were brilliant fun and ensured that everyone went home having had a thoroughly enjoyable time with their friends before the final few weeks of term.

Here’s to a cracking Year 6 Big Weekend next year.