Year 6 Visit to Silchester

I think the trip to Roman Silchster was a great experience because we learnt and experienced how the Romans lived their lives.

I was in group ‘Unus’ which was led by Mr Prichard. Firstly, we walked to the North Wall to sketch either the wall itself or the main building on the Ninth Island.  The area is called the Ninth Island because the Romans built their buildings in sections, split up by roads.  We then went to the South Gate and saw the amazing preserved wall that was four metres tall – when it was built in Roman times it was 7.8 metres tall.

We got back in the mini-bus to go to the Amphitheatre. It was amazing – it was like walking into a football Stadium. Then Mr Lexton randomly chose Gladiators to ‘fight to the death’!

I really enjoyed our trip to Roman Silchester and I hope to go again.

Matthew Bond, Year 6.