Year 6 Visit a Mosque

M stands for most of the Muslins recite the Qur’an; the Iman recited it in 3 years.

O stands for one of the teachers who was very helpful by showing us round.

S stands for shoes which are not allowed and the Iman was kind by showing us where to put them.

Q stands for Qur’an which is a holy book in Arabic and was wrapped in silk covers.

U stands for under the ground floor there was a basement with a praying area too.

E stands for engaging us very well and explaining everything well.

T stands of for the mosque which was very clean and nice for us.

R stands for really good answers to our questions.

I stands for I had an amazing information time and good help for our exams.

P stands for putting our knowledge at a whole new level.

Charlie Axtell, Year 6