Year 6 take a trip back in time

Our Year 6 boys took a trip back in time last week at the Chalke Valley History Festival, in the heart of rural Wiltshire.

This was Elstree’s first time to the ‘largest festival in the world dedicated entirely to History’.  With over 20 acres to explore, the event certainly brought history back to life.

The boys experienced everything from a World War II drill; re-enactments deep in the trenches; observing a very convincing reconstruction of a Hawker Typhoon used at the D-Day landings; mine detection, and learning about life as a child in Egyptian times.

During their own discovery time, they had the opportunity to speak to a host of historical figures. These included a  Tudor chef, a Roman Centurion, a Land girl, an Agincourt archer, a native American settler, a Viking explorer and a survivor from the Battle of Waterloo.  They even got to try signal de-coding and code breaking.

An amazing breadth of history was packed in to one thoroughly enjoyable day. 

You can learn more about the event and hear what our Head of History had to say about it here.