Year 6 Stowe Prep School Humanities Competition

On Tuesday 7th May, we set off, a team of six Year 6 boys, on our journey up to Stowe for the Winton Cup Challenge.  The day saw the Elstree team pitted against nine other teams in Humanities based challenges – Politics, Philosophy, History of Art, Geography and History – this year the theme was the Middle East.  

Stowe school is very ornate and beautiful, with an impressive drive and wide open spaces.  In politics, we were asked to propose a bill and we decided upon “Should drones be used for delivery?” We ran through the system, debating as we would in the House of Commons.

In the Philosophy session, we prepared a quick five minute presentation on how believers of Islam might modify the way they live based on their faith.   We then had a break where we all enjoyed a hearty lunch of spaghetti bolognaise and cake! Afterwards, recharged, for our History of Art challenge, we were asked to compare and contrast the art and architecture of Western and Middle Eastern cultures.

The Geography challenge consisted of a geo-location of countries in the Middle East and their flags, a brief focus on the use of water in these countries and discussion on what we could do to make water efficiency greater for some of the driest areas of the world.  Lastly, our History session took the form of a debate about the 1947 uprising in Palestine and possible solutions to the ongoing conflict.

We all found the sessions stimulating and thought-provoking because we had been introduced to different concepts and subjects.   We were thrilled to be announced as 2nd place, receiving beautiful Stowe sketchbooks which were used all the way home in the minibus!  A super day out was had by all of us.