Year 6 Science Trip

Last week, our Year 6 pupils visited Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium.

During their time there, they explored the stars and the planets of our Solar System. They also  discovered the icy secrets of space in the exciting live Planetarium show, saw flashes and bangs in the Science theatre, and learned about a whole range of topics, from sound to space to under the ocean in the hands-on Science centre.

Here’s what some of the pupils said about the trip:  

“The best part of the science exhibition was when the bowling ball fell down a tube and it forced the air pressure out of the tube which in turn, pushed up the tennis ball.” – Willem L

“I found out that Sonar navigation is the navigation of using your hearing” – Eddie L

“It was really fun learning about lots of different things by doing experiments and not just from a book” – Eva L

“I really liked the ball pressure experiment, it was really cool” – Dariya M

“I liked the planetarium and learning about the different stars” – Arabella P

“It was interesting learning how cancer cells get in and out of your body and how doctors destroy all affected cells in your body” – Leo R