Year 6 Play – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Year 6 exceeded all expectations this term in putting together a brilliant production of CS Lewis’ classic The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe adapted by Glyn Robbins.

The four Pevensie children (Sophie, Ethan, Maisie and Harry) had the audience spellbound as they jumped back and forth into the magical world of Narnia through a beautifully crafted, spinning wardrobe. Once in Narnia they encountered adventures with a Faun (sensitively characterised by Tilly), a fearsome White Witch played by Kate and the amicable pair of Beavers (Seb and Kitty). A big shout-out to Lachlan for his stage debut as Aslan, as well as all of Year 6 who rehearsed for hours over the past month to make the play the success it was.

Thank yous

We also owe our achievement to the beautiful set and costumes made possible by Jo Butler, Shelly Francis, Ed, Stuart, Paul and many mum volunteers.  Other thanks must go to those involved with the lighting (Mr Smith, James, Alex), props (Mr Duarte, Mrs Syckelmoore), front of house (Thomas, Alex), programme cover design (Ryan), rehearsals and learning lines (Mrs Attwood, Mr Baxter and Mme Simonin), Lara (catering) and the gappers for their general support throughout. A special thanks also to TreloarPrint for their help in printing the programme.  And a standing ovation is certainly due to the whole cast, Musical Director Liz Collins and Director Anna Oliver.

Well done everyone!