Year 6 Landscaped Architectural Project

Year 6 began their Landscaped Architectural project by researching and discussing traditional and contemporary landscape architecture, as well as large and small architecture and sculptural work.  The boys then familiarised themselves with their own individual interests which they could include within their designs, i.e. eco-friendly, geography, history, interests, etc. – they also had to make sure they considered the outdoor space as well as the indoor space sympathetically.  They concluded the project by considering where their designed piece would be placed and who would enjoy/benefit from their landscaped architectural pieces.

The two joint winners were Horatio and Shi Jun who have gone to London to enjoy and get inspiration from the Chelsea Flower Show.  Well done also to the runners up:  Basile, Charlie  Olly, Toby, Cameron, Jaime, Joe  and Otto.


The Eco Interactive Tunnel by Shi Jun

I would like my sculpture garden to be within the grounds of a hospital in Japan where patients and families can relax and enjoy art and fresh air together.
The types of flowers chosen are to look beautiful and give a pleasing and relaxing aroma.  The trees will also be enjoyed to be used for shade and where the different varieties can be appreciated.  The tunnel/sculpture will also give shade, as well as different reflections throughout the day and early evening where the patients and family can enjoy the relaxing effect when they are immersed sitting and walking within it.

A National Contemporary Art Gallery by Horatio

My modern/contemporary open air Art Gallery has a futuristic art within the main building, which will be open plan with the roof held up with two walls – this will also offer shade and protection from the weather.  The surrounding area will contain contemporary sculptures and information of the art work which is placed outside and inside, and will be shown on pink signs.

My design (the outside area) has been designed to overload the senses , whereas the indoor section will give a contrast of tranquility with the minimalist exhibits.