Year 6’s diverse musical talent

Our Year 6 informal music concert was another well attended event on Friday, demonstrating the evolving diverse range of musical talent we have at Elstree.

Pieces ranged from Beethoven and Mozart, to Bastille’s ‘Pompei’ and the Skye-Boat-Song. Singers, pianists, violinists and trombonists united to a packed house, show-casing the array of considerable skill.

It started with Kevin’s dramatic Tarantella on the piano, performed with gusto, followed by  Alan’s equally energetic Musette in D. Alex then played a Sonatina in A entirely from memory, handling the tricky arpeggios with skill.  Lucas performed Beethoven’s Für Elise on the piano with considerable technical skill, particularly during the fast-paced sections towards the end.

Jerry played the Rondo-alla-Turka, stunning the audience with his ability to handle the fistfuls of chords.  He was equally successful earlier when playing a Gavotte on his violin.  Alex performed a complex Allegro on his violin with intensity, introducing vibrato as and when appropriate.

While Cosmo performed a Cat-Walk on the trombone melodically and with mellow sensitivity, Finlay introduced a more modern twist by cleverly singing and playing his ukele to Bastille’s ‘Pompeii’.  And there were two pieces that had a folksy feel; Joshua’s outstanding ‘At the Fair’ on violin, and Taro’s elegant ‘Gavotte’ from Mignon.  

The audience was also treated to The Mad-Hatter’s Funeral March by Aaron on piano. Starting solemnly, he maintained the rhythm while letting the melody flow. Alex P’s rendition of ‘Demnitz’ on the clarinet was jaunty and jazz-like. Having developed a lovely tone on the clarinet, it was a pleasure to enjoy.

There was another magical moment when Edward performed his Scottish classic Skye-Boat-Song, which perfectly matched his delicate voice.

All performances from Year 6 were inspiring to watch, particularly as the rays of sunshine flooded in through the Long Room’s windows. Congratulations to everyone.