Year 6 Headmaster’s Project

Background to the initiative: 

Our curriculum at Elstree is vibrant and academically ambitious. At the heart of our Academic Values, which are shown in the Elstree Learner Profile, is Craftsmanship. When reviewing our curriculum in 2018 we realised that there was room for some growth with the individual pursuit of creativity and interest past subject lessons. We therefore carved out a 30 minute slot every week on a Saturday morning for pupils to work on their ‘Headmaster’s Project’ in Year 6. We believe that pupils should understand how to investigate curiously, plan methodically, create and evaluate ideas. Importantly, failing ‘is ok’ and part of the process. 

The 25 projects varied from website design to making a trebuchet to be fired with a football. Luke Flynn, a local businessman kindly adjudicated the winners and awarded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize as follows:


1st Place – Clara – Designed and made a Hammock

Clare made a model when creating the initial idea.  Clara did all the stitching herself.

2nd Place – Nicky – Designed and made Bodiam Castle from balsa wood 

Nicky’s patience and dedication to create each brick by hand is quite remarkable.  

3rd Place – Oliver Anderson – He designed a Telescope 

Oliver designed and made a telescope. The detail of his write up and idea development was stunning. The telescope has been a real hit in the Science Atrium with the younger pupils in the school this term. 


I am delighted with the creativity and craftsmanship skills that made these projects possible. This second year of running the Headmaster’s project has really shown what our young learners are capable of when they put their mind to something and develop an idea. I am so pleased I did not personally have to pick the top three projects this year because there were simply so many ones to pick from. Our adjudicator Luke took a good long hour to decide his top three and he justified them nicely into a video for the winner. Thank you again Year 6 for your brilliant ideas.