Year 6 Headmasters’ Project

Our curriculum at Elstree is vibrant and academically ambitious. At the heart of our Academic Values which are shown in the Elstree Learner Profile is Craftsmanship. When reviewing our curriculum in 2018 we realised that there was room for some growth with the individual pursuit of creativity and interest past subject lessons. And so, we carved out a 30 minute slot every week on a Saturday morning for pupils to work on their ‘Headmaster’s Project’ in Year 6. We believe that pupils should understand how to investigate curiously, plan methodically, create and evaluate ideas. Importantly, failing ‘is ok’ and part of the process.

The winning three projects below are a small snap shot of the 25 projects attempted by the pupils. These projects varied from website design to making a trebuchet to be fired with a football. Luke Flynn (a local businessman and parent) kindly adjudicated the winners and awarded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

1st Place – Bella Tryon – ‘The Lawn Line’ Film.

Bella wrote an incredibly detailed film script which was based around a train. Her neighbour kindly let her film her film using their steam train in their garden. Bella invited her friends over for the weekend and they all had so much fun in costumes making the film. The creative and collaborative side of this project made it shine out. Bella’s film has been watched by many members of staff and has been rolling on the screen in the Science Atrium throughout the summer term. Congratulations Bella and the cast of this brilliant film!

2nd Place – Arabella Pannell – Climate Change Book

Arabella wrote an informative story about climate change with beautiful illustrations. This book is a real triumph of Arabella’s creative writing and love/care for the planet. This is simply the best book ever made by a pupil at Elstree. Do have a look in the future, it will be in reception for new prospective parents to read.

3rd = Place – Eva Lockhart – Jewellery Making and Flora Napier – Save the oceans from plastic model

Eva created a lovely Jewellery Stand full of earings, necklasses and bracelents. The work was detailed, creative and very inspiring. Her presentation of her work was like a professional business, very impressive.

Flora created a stunning model of a shark being strangled by plastic. She spent hours getting all the different types of plastic and presenting it beautifully in a huge display. This is educational and inspirational.

4th Place – Henry Prichard – Long Bow and Arrows

Henry sourced the wood for his lovely Long Bow. The hours he must have taken to sand the wood and to create such a pin point accurate bow is brilliant. Henry got his arrow heads from America sourcing the perfect weight required and feathered his arrows in a stunning manner with glue and thread. Seeing Henry fire his bow across the front lawn at school was brilliant. Design and detail of this project was truly unique.


I am delighted with the creativity and craftsmanship skills that made these projects possible. The Headmaster’s project has really shown what our young learners are capable of when they put their mind to something and develop an idea. I am so pleased I did not personally have to pick the top four projects this year because there were simply so many ones to pick from. Our adjudicator Mr Sunley (Chairman) took a good long hour to decide his top four and he justified them nicely. Thank you again Year 6 for your brilliant ideas.

Mr Pilkington