Year 6 Headmaster’s Project 2020

The curriculum at Elstree is vibrant and academically ambitious. At the heart of our Academic Values, which are shown in the Elstree Learner Profile, is Craftsmanship. When reviewing the curriculum in 2018 we realised there was little space for individual pursuit of creativity and interest past subject lessons. Hence  a 30 minute slot was made available every week on a Saturday morning for pupils to work on their ‘Headmaster’s Project’ in Year 6. We believe that pupils should understand how to investigate curiously, plan methodically, create and evaluate ideas. The winning four projects below are a small snap shot of the 40 projects attempted by the pupils.

Joint 1st Place – William A – Designed and built a ‘Proa’.

This is an old Polynesian fishing boat.  William did a wonderful write up of the whole process from design, prototype model to floating the real thing!

Joint 1st Place – William U – Sending my School Tie into Space.

William’s project took a lot of planning with getting a launch notification from the CAA and of course constructing the balloon. His tie made it all the way to Weymouth!

2nd Place – Tommy  – Magnetic Table Football Game.

Tommy made a Powerpoint and video showing how he made this brilliant game.

3rd Place – Alex  – He designed and made a Scooter

Alex’s project was a good example of project development because he initially wanted to make a bike but adapted his project to what he thought he could achieve in the time frame. Alex also sent in a lovely video of the finished product along with his write up showing his planning for the project.

Distinctions were awarded to the following boys for their fantastic projects:

Monty  ‘Stix4Skools’ Hockey Charity. Excellent planning and communication with other professional bodies and people. Getting the charity launched with an event would still be good Monty – keep going! 

Cosmo for his Stop Animation Movie which was outstanding. Cosmo had a clear script that he had made and submitted along with his planning and video. The video had a humorous fun story line of stealing the unpaid tax money from google! . Creativity in abundance!

Alex  showed fantastic DT skills in designing and making a ‘Chicken Carrier’. It really is a clever design with good firm bolts and a nice rope carry handle. Almost a fashion item! 

Jack  provided the most interesting book called ‘The Highlights of the History of Manned Flight’. Creativity, research and a huge amount of effort went into this super book. Each photo was very nicely framed and presented with information below and facts in speech bubbles. This would go very well on the coffee table in the reception area at school! 

It is wonderful to see the creativity and craftsmanship skills that made these projects possible. This trial year has certainly been a success and all praise must go to the pupils of Year 6. If a pupil has started and not completed their work meeting the deadline, please do encourage them to bring in their projects next term. Thank you again Year 6 for your brilliant ideas.